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Macon Porta Potty Rental
Portable Restrooms & Hand Hygiene Stations

Porta Potty Rental in Macon, GA That Doesn’t Stink!

You have found the best porta potty rental service in Macon, GA; congrats!


Macon Porta Potty Rental is the place to call for affordable porta potty rental, wedding porta potty rental, event porta potty rental, construction porta potty rental, septic tank services, and much more!


As the leader of the portable restroom industry here in Macon, GA and the surrounding area, Macon Porta Potty Rental is here when you need to go!


Curious about porta potty prices for your next event?

Finding out how our porta potty pricing won’t break the bank is as easy as giving us a call or filling out a simple quote form!

Contact us today to hear about our event porta potty rental specials!

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Our Porta Potty Rentals in Macon GA are Great for any event


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porta potty rental near me
Other Events
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Porta Potty Rental Near You

Why deal with the hassle of huge, faceless companies that put you on hold with their call center when you can deal with a friendly porta potty rental company near you?

Macon Porta Potty Rental is a porta potty rental company near you that has been proudly serving the Macon, GA area for a number of years when it comes to providing the best in portable restrooms, septic system service, emergency porta potty rentals, and beyond!

Another service we are known for throughout our area is construction porta potty rental for projects large and small!

Macon Porta Potty Rental is the porta potty company near you for taking care of business when you need to guarantee success!

Call us today or fill out our form for an instant quote!

Porta Potty Services in Macon, GA

Macon Porta Potty Rental offers a wide variety of products and service types to make your life easier and for less than our competition when it comes to porta potty rental prices!


Our service products include:


  • Standard Portable Toilets- When uniformity, availability, and price are a factor, choosing our high-quality standard porta potty unit is a no brainer!  Our no-flush urinal and toilet units are ideal for a wide variety of situations including outdoor events like weddings and concerts, construction projects of all sizes, emergency services for when disaster strikes, and many more! Our standard porta potty rental unit includes a toilet paper dispenser and hand sanitizer!

  • Enhanced Portable Toilets- This model is for a more relaxed and indoor like experience. It includes a flushing toilet and running water for a sink that may provide cold and hot water or cold only. And of course, these porta potty rental units come with toilet paper dispensers, an interior light with a mirror, a paper towel dispenser, and hand sanitizer as well as sanitizing soft soap for hand washing.

  • Luxury Portable Toilets- For when nothing but the best will do we highly recommend our luxury porta potty rental units. These trailer mounted units feature the kind of amenities you find in 5-star hotels: granite countertops, fresh flowers, wall mounted flat screen TVs, surround sound, baby changing stations, laminate wood floors, hot and cold running water, male and female sides with spacious entry points, and more. And of course, each unit comes with all of the side amenities like paper towels, hand soap, etc.

  • Handwashing Stations- Sometimes just being able to easily wash one's hands when outdoors is a nice and refreshing experience to have at your fingertips. With that in mind, Macon Porta Potty Rental offers hand washing stations to make things easier when it comes to staying clean! Each unit comes with sanitizing hand soap and a paper towel dispenser.

  • Septic Tank Pumping- We also offer septic tank pumping for rural and other customers that rely on a septic tank system for their plumbing needs. Our septic tank pumping service is affordable and on call for regularly scheduled pumping, one-time septic tank pumping, and emergency septic tank pumping.

  • Hand sanitizer stations-These units are great for food areas and around portable toilets. It allows customers to keep their hands clean at all times to prevent the spread of infections. 

When you choose Macon Porta Potty Rental for your outdoor event you don’t just get a great porta potty experience: you get our full support and commitment to total customer satisfaction!


We believe that providing clean and convenient porta potty rental units that are offered at affordable porta potty rental prices lead to happier customers which mean success for us!


Our porta potty rental units are available 7 days a week and can be scheduled short term or long term to make event or project planning a breeze.

In the end, we want to do our part to make your next outdoor wedding, construction project, outdoor concert or sporting event, or any other situation more comfortable for you and everyone visiting or working on the site by providing the best porta potty rental for the price.


We guarantee a price match to any and all competitors and we are so confident in the high quality of our units and service that we will beat any price quote!


For more info on pricing and scheduling give us a call today!

Under Budget Construction Porta Potty Rental

Milledgeville Porta Potty

For under budget construction project porta potty rental, Macon Porta Potty Rental is here to make things go as smoothly as possible!

Choosing a porta potty company for a construction project doesn’t have to be a chore; call on us for all of your construction porta potty rental needs!

Our standard porta potty rental unit is ideal for large or small construction sites, and because they are so affordably priced, you will be able to provide plenty of coverage to keep the time between work and bathroom breaks down to a minimum!

This means increased productivity for your project so you can finish on time and under budget!

Call now for a construction porta potty rental quote!

Sporting Event Porta Potty Excellence

The roar of the game crowd and the drinks and concession stand food means that sooner rather than later your sports fans will need to answer the call of the sporting event porta potty!

Macon Porta Potty Rental is a friend to the avid sports fan, the soccer mom, the proud athlete’s parent, and all other who enjoy an outdoor sporting event!

We have had the privilege of providing porta potty rental units to a wide variety of sporting events in the Macon, GA area and beyond, and we are supporters of our local teams!

Give us a call today to make your next sporting event porta potty rental a can-do success!


Emergency Porta Potty Rental Reliability

Construction Porta Potty

When the unexpected happens, we are here when you are in need of emergency porta potty rental reliability in a pinch!

The Macon, GA area is no stranger to inclement weather; tropical storms, tornadoes, floods, and more are a part of where we are.

And when things get bad and make indoor plumbing impossible, Macon Porta Potty Rental is standing by with emergency porta potty rental services!

Even backed up plumbing can cause a disruption that can lead to bad things, especially for a commercial property!

For these situations and many others, call on us for emergency porta potty rental!

Event Based Porta Potty Rental

When an outdoor event is in the planning stage one thing that requires consideration is who to choose for event based porta potty rental.

Macon Porta Potty Rental is the one to call for all of your event based porta potty rental needs!

We have a great deal of experience in helping people to make their outdoor weddings, family reunions, outdoor concerts, and other things a major success by providing the best event porta potty rentals!

Trust in us to help make your next event a great one!

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A Local Porta Potty Company

We are a local porta potty company that has roots in our community and a love for we serve our friends and neighbors!

As the go-to for when you need to go in our area of Georgia, Macon Porta Potty Rental enjoys being here to help people and businesses with their outdoor plumbing needs for local weddings, sporting events, construction projects, and much more!

For us it’s not enough to be a local porta potty company; we strive to be the best local porta potty company in Georgia!

Our commitment to having high standards when it comes to being on time, the cleanliness of our porta potty rental units, and customer service and support has helped us to earn a position of respect and reliability with folks in our service areas.

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Call to Schedule Your Porta Potty Rental Today

You have already read this far, why not go ahead and give Macon Porta Potty Rental your business and take care of this issue now?

Our price match guarantee, reputation for excellent customer service, convenient scheduling, affordable pricing, and reliability are all great reasons to choose Macon Porta Potty Rental for your needs; but there is one reason that stands above all the others.

We treat you like family.

This one element is at the core of who we are as a business and it’s the one thing that is the cause of most of the referral business we have from repeat customers as a local porta potty company in Macon, GA.


We will push to do our best when it comes to impressing you; put us in the hot seat and call to ask any questions you may have!

Macon Porta Potty Rental

2949 Emerson Circle 

Macon, GA 31206

Tel: 478-452-6936

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